Wednesday, October 04, 2017

A day in Liverpool

We met Wendy and Roger in Antarctica and they can't live further away, in Perth Australia. However, we are lucky enough that they have huge holidays and starting a 5 week holiday to Iceland, Israel, the UK and Hong Kong. We met in Liverpool and first had a walk around Sefton Park with Sailor and Penny. The park is home to the bandstand which inspired the cover of Sergeant Peppers Lonley Hearts Club Band. A short pit stop and then a drive by tour which started with Penny Lane, Paul McCartney's childhood home, Strawberry Fields and John Lennon's childhood home. Alas we couldn't find it though.

Onwards to the centre of Liverpool and a ferry across the Mersey is a must. We parked in the Albert Dock which I recognised as soon as I saw it. It's where the weather man used to hop from Ireland to England on the floating UK map on ITV. We legged it to the ferry as we only had 5 mins until departure. £10 for the 50 minute round trip. We heard the song, saw the Liver Building and listened to commentary as we went from Peir Head to Seacombe and back again.

A quick pic with The Beatles statue and Titanic memorial to the engine workers who kept the pumps going to save others. Then we were on the road home. It was amazing to see Wendy and Roger, our only wish was we could follow them to Iceland.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Antony Gormley 'Another Place'

After a long drive to Liverpool we needed to stretch the legs. We stopped at Crosby Beach to see 'Another Place' by Antony Gormley. It's stunning. 100 statues modelled on the sculptor, each weighing 650 kilos. Every day they are covered by the sea and symbolises humans and nature connecting. We arrived at sunset and the combination of the figures and sunset was astonishing.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Starlight Walk 2017

Last year, Swift and I completed the Starlight Walk for the first time and loved it. This time we doubled our numbers with my Dad and Jane. We start off at 9pm in the dark, in rural Bedfordshire with pink stars on our heads. I will never forget the host last year saying that "14 people are in the house and they would love to be walking alongside you, but they know what you are doing tonight". It really gives me goosebumps thinking that. We first walked around the grounds and then through Moggerhanger and through the countryside in the dark...and constant rain.

The end of the walk chokes you. On a yellow star, you write the name of someone who has passed away, and put it on a tree in the fairy light memorial garden. It brings a tear to the eye.

In fact, the end of the 10km came as a complete surprise. Before we knew it, we finished and got our soup and role to finish. We raised almost £300 for the Hospice and will return next year.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Birthday treat

Ali really treated me for my birthday. We started by going to see Matilda in the West End and oh gosh it was amazing. We had fabulous seats in the stalls next to the aisle that the children and adults in the show used a lot, so we really felt part of the performance. The set was amazing, the cast amazing, everything was amazing. I loved it.

After the show off we went to Chelsea to a location used in the programme Made in Chelsea. I've wanted to visit Bluebird for a long time. We started with mocktails at the bar and it was the most delicious mocktail I've ever tasted. I do love it when you don't even carry your drinks to the table and someone collects it on a tray. He he.

The food was devine and the Tonka bean crème brulee was out of this world. A fabulous day feeling very very special.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Happy Birthday to me

A rather unusual birthday because I was speaking at a conference, with Ali in the audience and acting as my PA and bringing me drinks and organising me. Breakfast consisted of white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake and dinner was the exact same.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Curious Incident of a Dog in the night time

Ali has wanted to see the Curious incident of a dog in the night time for ages and ages, so I treated her. It was AMAZING! The acting, the staging...oh my gosh.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

In the audience

Mid week I had an email saying that we have been successful in getting tickets for the Great British Bake Off Extra Slice to be in the audience. It as amazing to watch the filming of a show with a live audience. I was amazed that everything was one take, no practicing and retakes. Unfortunately my owl bread wasn't selected for 'show us your bakes' but we loved the day.